Ministry Support

As we strive to be faithful stewards of our resources, we work to spread the gospel by supporting the work of ministries that share our mission of making disciples. We accept applications for monetary assistance from ministries in need of financial support. In order for a ministry to be considered, it must align with the Portico statement of faith and have the endorsement of a Portico member.
We give priority to ministries with a strong gospel-centered vision that are involved in one or more of the following areas: church planting, missions, ministry to at-risk children and single mothers and widows, the sanctity of human life and racial reconciliation. We also prioritize ministries with connections to our church and service opportunities for our congregation.
A statement of faith, bios of ministry leaders, and proper financial documentation are required for application.

Looking for Support?
If you would like support for a ministry, please contact us here.

Personal Assistance and Counseling

Assistance and counseling is available to our covenant members in need. We ask that you first bring any needs to your Community Group in times of hardship. Community Groups are where we care for each other most intimately. If you still need further assistance or counseling, your Community Group leaders can discuss the situation with our elders to ascertain what additional support the church can provide.

We Are Here to Help
If you need personal assistance, please contact us here.

Hospital and Home Visits

If you or a loved one have been ill or hospitalized, or simply need prayer for an ongoing concern, don't hesitate to call on our church family for support. We encourage you to ask your Community Group leaders for prayer and assistance. If you are not in a group, you can contact the church for further support with a hospital or home visit.

Let Us Pray For You
Please contact us here for information about hospital and home visits