Know Christ

The gospel creates worshippers. As believers, we are deeply known and pursued by God. Our knowledge of who Christ is and how He reconciles us to God lays the foundation for everything we do. It is our privilege to pursue and enjoy the Person of God through deep relationship with Him.

Build the Church

The gospel creates a family. We are the church, the people of God. Jesus loves His church profoundly and is intimately connected with it. He calls us to build the body of Christ and make disciples through local and global efforts.

Tell the Story

The gospel creates missionaries. Our God is crafting the most glorious story ever written. As His people, it is our calling to boldly share the story of the Gospel so that others might put their trust in Christ alone and be saved.

Our desire for everyone who worships with us is simple: to meet God, be connected to His people, grow as disciples, and share the good news of the Gospel with their lives.