Harvey Relief

Dear Brothers & Sisters

Please watch this video and read below to see how we as Acts 29 are seeking to respond to what is happening in Houston as a result of Hurricane Harvey and please prayerfully consider how you & your churches may help these efforts.

- Steve Timmis, CEO 


ACTS 29 Harvey Relief Appeal


Hurricane Harvey has been the most powerful hurricane to hit Texas in 50 years. South Houston has experienced the largest US mainland rainfall due to a single tropical system ever: 49.2 inches (125cm), that is equivalent to the average annual rainfall at Houston Airport.

The impact already has been extreme. So far at least 30,000 people have been made homeless but the final figure is likely to be much higher. Tens of thousands are without power, increasing daily as the waters rise. The insurance bill is expected to exceed $10bn and direct losses are expected to exceed $20bn. 50% of cotton harvest for Houston and the surrounding area is lost.

On Monday alone, the Texas Coastguard rescued 3,000 people and the police rescued 1,000 people. People are still being rescued from second-storey windows and flood waters are continuing to rise as dams are overtopped.

Recovery from Hurricane Ike (2008) took at least 6 months. Acts 29 Houston is expecting this to be 12 months or more. 

We have over 20 Acts 29 churches in the local Houston area. Some Acts 29 pastors have been directly impacted with cars and property lost and family members having to swim to safety. According to locals, the impact is not exaggerated by the media and the scope of this
storm is massive. 


1. Pray

Praise God that unity and collaboration amongst churches in Houston and others has been great. Pray for our Acts 29 churches as they have a unique missional opportunity to be the visible church, serving people in need.

2. Give

Acts 29 is giving $50,000 towards this appeal and we hope that you & your churches will consider contributing. Donations will be used to provide relief and recovery assistance to individuals, families, and churches impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  

Finances will be the biggest need as Acts 29 Houston prepares for the recovery effort.

Here are four ways for churches and individuals to give:

  1. US donors can text keyword HARVEYRELIEF to 51555 and follow prompts to give via credit card 
  2. Anyone can give online at www.clearcreek.org/harveyrelief 
  3. Anyone can mail a check to Clear Creek Community Church 999. N. Egret Bay Blvd. League City, TX 
  4. If you would like to wire funds please email trichardson@clearcreek.org for instructions

For options 2 and 3, please indicate it’s from an Acts 29 source to help with tracking and accountability

3. Serve

Houston Church Planting Network (containing many Acts 29 churches) is compiling a list of churches from outside of Houston that may be interested in bringing in a team to serve, donating supplies, etc., as the waters recede. 

If you are interested you can visit http://www.hcpn.org/harveyhelp to give us your information. The recovery effort will be going on for months, so please be patient as they get coordinated for long-term efforts. This will be a marathon and not a sprint. Rescue & Relief are happening now but recovery will go on for months and they envision needing outside support if people
are interested.

Exciting News for Portico

Exciting News for Portico

On the way to His execution, Jesus spoke one of the most daring prophecies ever recorded: “I will build My church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18). Shortly afterward, His followers and disciples scattered.

Two millennia later, we see the Church has indeed spread across the face of the earth. The Church is alive and thriving even in the midst of obscurity and growing cultural pressure. Portico Church Arlington is evidence that Jesus’ words are true and enduring.

Because of Jesus’ words, we view our city not as something to be avoided or exploited, but as something to love and serve with the same compassion that Christ first showed us. We want to see the city thrive and this happens as people come to know Jesus one by one.

Therefore, we are excited to report that on Sunday, October 1, Portico Church Arlington will launch a new evening service (5:00 p.m.) in our offices in Clarendon! This service will be led by Pastor Steve Reed and will be held in addition to our 10:30 a.m. service at H-B Woodlawn Secondary School. Our solid belief is that God will use this service to reach new people, make new disciples, and bring the hope of the gospel to our city in greater ways.    

Why launch a new campus/evening service?

We believe the gospel saves. We also believe the most effective means of connecting people to the message and hope of the gospel is the local church. The Clarendon Campus will create greater surface area for the message of the gospel to reach people in our city who don’t presently attend Portico or have access to our service at H-B Woodlawn.

The Clarendon Campus provides some opportunities that are unique to the local mission. One of those opportunities is Metro access. The Clarendon Metro Station is one block away which provides easy access to those who do not drive or have a car. Additionally, the late afternoon service is better matched to the rhythms of life in the city-center and for those whose jobs make them unable to attend a morning service. Lastly, the area around the office is densely populated and underserved by gospel-centered churches.      

One of the fundamental reasons we are launching the Clarendon Campus is because God has provided. God has provided a pastor; Steve Reed is uniquely gifted, called, and equipped to serve this mission. God has provided a place; though not expansive, our office is perfectly positioned to serve as a worship space for this campus and an evening service. Lastly, God has provided people who are willing to be missionaries by serving alongside Steve. Just over 10% of our Covenant Members have committed to join as a core team and are preparing right now for the launch date.

How can you be a part of this ministry?

The Church is a family, so everyone plays a part in this. Here are a few simple ways we can all be a part of this ministry.

  • Choose joy. If you’ve ever been in a community group that multiplied, you know that it is both exciting and painful. The simple truth is we are losing some people we dearly love because we want other people to meet Jesus. We will miss those who are going with Steve and Kelsey Reed as missionaries. In the pain of loss, we must decide to choose the joy of seeing God grow His Kingdom.
  • Pray. The Psalmist reminds us: “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” (Psalm 127:1). Commit yourself to praying boldly and regularly for Steve and Kelsey, the Clarendon Core Team, and the city. Ask God to bless both campuses with success on all fronts. Join us for Prayer + Worship Night on Friday, September 8, as we will lift up the new Clarendon Campus in prayer.
  • Serve. Consider stepping into the gap left by the departing Clarendon Core Team by serving or leading in ministry.
  • Give. In order to defray the cost of preparing the office to serve as a worship space, we are asking people to consider giving a one-time gift. This is completely voluntary and should be done with joy.

If you want to give a one-time gift to help with start-up costs, you can write a check to “Portico Church Arlington” with “Clarendon Campus” in the memo line. Checks can be mailed to:

          Portico Church Arlington

          3240 Wilson Blvd, Suite 200

          Arlington, VA 22201

You can also give online through our website by selecting the “Clarendon Campus” option on our giving portal.

Our mission is to Know Christ, Build The Church, Tell The Story. The new Clarendon Campus is an exciting new chapter in our story. Whatever opportunities we engage, we engage together. As always, we move forward together. Thank you so much for your willingness to serve God with us. It is a joy to serve with you.     

Finally, we ask you to join us for worship at H-B Woodlawn on Sunday, October 1, as we commission Pastor Steve Reed and the Clarendon Core Team!

Jason Conner
Lead Pastor



What is the date/time of the first service?
Sunday, October 1, 2017, at 5:00 p.m.

What is the relationship between the two campuses/services?
We will be one church with two locations. Pastor Steve Reed will serve as the Campus Pastor for the Clarendon Campus/evening service. Pastor Jason Conner will lead Portico Church Arlington at large and remain the Lead Pastor for the H-B Woodlawn Campus.   

What will both campuses share in common?
Both campuses will share the same elder team, deacon team, and core ministries including: community groups, Foundations and membership, member gatherings, service opportunities, etc.

Will the evening service eventually become an autonomous church?
Yes, the Clarendon Campus will become a fully autonomous church plant and member of the Portico family of churches. This is a process that will take time and depends on growth, readiness, and other factors.

Should I consider going to the Clarendon Campus?
Pastor Steve Reed currently has a full roster on the Clarendon Core Team. It is important we allow space for growth as the office isn’t huge. The H-B Woodlawn Campus will be losing some leaders through this multiplication, so we need people to joyfully step up and fill in the gap that's left behind, and/or (if already a leader) stay at HB Woodlawn to help raise up new leaders. If you have questions, please contact Steve at sreed@porticoarlington.org

Will there be changes and unexpected bumps along the way?
Of course! Be flexible.  

Is this a thrilling season in the story of our church?
Yes! Expect God to move.

Service Teams Meet & Greet | 09.10.17

Did you know that over 30 men and women arrive at Portico on Sundays well before the service starts and use their gifts and time to prepare everything for worship? Why? Because God is that good and because they care about you!

There is so much joy in helping prepare for Sunday worship with one of our service teams. If you would like to be a part of one, come talk to our team leaders at the Service Team Meet and Greet, directly after service on September 10.

You can also read up about each team and what they do here!

Please contact Pastor of Worship and Leadership, Jonny Reeve with any additional questions.


Public Faith | 10.13.17

Public Faith: Learning to Think Critically, Engage Winsomely, and Share the Love of Jesus in a Pluralistic Society

Do you have a desire for those around you to know Jesus, yet you wrestle with how to communicate the Gospel in the midst of a culture that often makes fun of those who are religious? 

Come join us (and bring a friend) at the Portico Church Office (3240 Wilson Blvd. Suite 200 Arlington, 22201) on Friday, October 13, where Clarendon Campus Lead Pastor, Steve Reed, will walk you through the following:

  • How to initiate the conversation in a disarming manner
  • How to overcome fears of sharing your faith
  • How to answer tough questions such as:
    • You may live by faith, but I base my positions on evidence. Why should I believe if you can’t prove God to me?
    • How can you say that good people are lost just because they don’t believe in Jesus?
    • I can’t believe in a God who allows so much suffering in the world
    • The Bible is historically unreliable and regressive, how can you seriously follow what it says in there?
  • How to apply the gospel to controversial issues of the day (ex. sex and gender issues)*


There will be a teaching section, a Q & A, and a time to pray by name for those in your life who don’t know Jesus. 

Please be sure to REGISTER HERE.

There will also be a casual hangout at a local spot afterward, for those who want to join. 

The event will begin at 7:00 pm sharp, in order respect everyone's time. Please email Steve Reed at sreed@porticoarlington.org if you want to attend but need to be late.

*The Public Faith Group will meet once a month, covering a different topic each time.


Baptism Class | 09.17.17

Are you a follower of Christ and have yet to be baptized? Join us to find out more at the Baptism Class on Sunday, September 17, from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. at H-B Woodlawn.

In the class, we cover the sacrament of baptism, focusing on its purpose, significance, and importance. This session also prepares you for the process of baptism at Portico Church Arlington. (NOTE: Our next Baptism Service will be held after Sunday Service on September 24.)

Baptism is a powerful means of grace in the life of any believer. If you know Jesus and have never been baptized, this class is for you! Even if you are just curious, we encourage you to come and learn. 

Please register HERE if you plan on attending and if you have any additional questions please contact Lead Pastor, Jason Conner at jconner@porticoarlington.org

Community Group Meet & Greet | 09.17.17

Christian Community is an essential part of living out our faith on a daily basis. Leaders of Portico Community Groups will be available to meet you and connect you to their group directly after the service on Sunday September 17. You can also see what groups are avialable based on meeting day/time and location here.

If you aren't currently in a community group please be sure to chat with one of the leaders after church!

Contact Pastor of Spiritual Formation, Nate Wagner with any additional questions.




Clarendon Day | 09.23.17

Dear Portico Church Arlington,

We have a fantastic opportunity to be present in our local community in a big way – Clarendon Day 2017.

Clarendon Day is an annual street fair which draws over 20,000 people for fun, food, and music. It is free and a great time for locals to gather together. Find out more HERE.

Being on mission together begins by being present in our cities. For a fourth year in a row Portico Church Arlington has signed up as a non-profit exhibitor at Clarendon Day. We are excited for this opportunity to get out and meet/serve our city.

As a non-profit exhibitor, we will have an official spot with a tent. Our goal is to connect with everyone at the event, letting them know we are here and encouraging them to come check out Portico. In the past couple years, this has brought us new attenders and now members! We will have some info sheets and some swell Portico-branded swag to hand out. We hope to make many new connections. 

This is an all-hands-on-deck outreach. We are asking everyone who calls Portico Church home to join us in attending and serving at Clarendon Day on September 23.         

          Please SIGN UP HERE to be a Clarendon Day event volunteer.

E-mail Sammy Dial at sdial@porticoarlington.org with any questions or for more info about serving at Clarendon Day.

Baptism Service | 09.24.17

Are you a follower of Christ and have yet to be baptized? Portico Church Arlington will be baptizing believers right after service at H-B Woodlawn Secondary School on Sunday, September 24. 

Baptism is a powerful means of grace in the life of any believer. If you know Jesus and have never been baptized, please join us.

Please SIGN UP HERE to RSVP for baptism or to find out more information, please contact Lead Pastor Jason Conner.


Jam Night | 09.29.17

Are you a musician? Are you interested in playing with the worship team? Then come out to Jam Night!  

Jam Night is just as as described - a night of music, jamming, food, and fun.

All are welcome! Please let us know you will be attending by registering HERE.

Jam Night will be held on Friday September 29 at the Portico Church Office (3240 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 200, Arlington, VA 22201) from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.  

If you have additional questions contact Pastor of Worship + Leadership, Jonny Reeve.

Fall Women's Gathering with Aimee Byrd | 09.30.17

The women of Portico are invited to a Fall Gathering with special guest Aimee Byrd, author of No Little Women: Equipping All Women in the Household of God. Following a time of worship and testimony, Aimee will speak to us about the essential need for every woman to be equipped to pursue Biblical knowledge, understanding, and discernment.

We will gather from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Portico Church Office (3240 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 200, Arlington, VA 22201). Light refreshments and coffee will be served.

Please register HERE if you plan to attend.

About our speaker: Aimee Byrd is a Bible study teacher and author of Housewife Theologian and Theological Fitness. She speaks at women's retreats, blogs about theology and the Christian life, and cohosts The Mortification of Spin podcast. 

If you have any additional questions please contact Teresa Cupit at tcupit@porticoarlington.org.